Top 10 Things To Know Before Taking Admission in a Fire Safety College?

Hi, My name is Capt. Ajay Shivran, I m an Ex Marine Officer and a Pilot. I am here today to discuss the main 10 reasons or rather the facilities to check before taking admission in any fire safety college in India.

There is no doubt that in times of today, the best field of employment is the fire and safety field. this is due to the recent govt of India regulations which requires at least two fire safety personnel to be employed in every industry, mall, hospital or a commercial complex, including high rise building, to secure the Indian assets and make the work place more safe and sound. With the deployment of the safety staff, the risk of accidents can be controlled there by attracting the FDI, Foreign Direct Investment, which will result in the opening of new industries in the country and help curb the unemployment issue which the country is battling with.

Basically, a Diploma or a degree in fire and Safety does not ensure a job as a fire safety stream, the individuals competence and knowledge in the subject does. As safety is a responsible job, no company will reduce its hiring standard to fill in a vacant post. A diploma can take you to the interview table, but u need to reveal to the person sitting across that you are competent enough to take care the safety job profile,

Now what makes you competent? The college in which you enrol does play a major part in the development of a students fire safety skills, but more important factor is the students learning desire. until a student reveals his strong drive or urge, even the best college wont be of much help.

Fire and safety stream is generally divided into 3 fields, Fire Fighting or Fighters, sums up the fire brigade, Fire Safety comprises of fire marshals or safety supervisor and thirdly the Fire Equipment maintenance and installation requires fire technicians. Out of the three, fire technicians is a technical job and to cope up with the subject, a science background is preferred, this includes the installing of the fire hydrant systems, foam systems, Water sprinkler systems, detection and alarm system and their regular maintenance.

There are about 545 companies in Maharashtra state registered with the state fire department who are licensed to install, maintain, repair and service the fixed and portable fire fighting systems and equipment. Leave aside the remaining country, the number goes beyond 4000.

Till Date there wasn’t  a single course designed to meet the requirement of these companies who need technicians for the installing and maintenance of fire systems. ICFS India is the only Fire Safety college who has integrated all the three fields into one unified course identified as diploma in Fire safety and systems installation and maintenance course. Operating under the banner of NSDC, National Skill Development corporation, this one year course diversifies the employment range of a student, there by leading him to a secured future, The salary package in these fire companies is way higher than those of Fire Fighters and Fire Safety and has more comfortable hours of work.

Now to choose a suitable college is of vital importance, In order to train a student in the fire safety stream, the college must have the basic Infrastructure, Equipment, Resources and above all, the Qualified Instructors and lecturers.

As the Fire Safety syllabus comprises of Practical Training, hence the college needs to have a large open area practical training yard with latest fire safety equipment and fixed fire fighting systems installed in its premises, so that regular drills and first hand experience and knowledge of these systems can be imparted to the students.

Below are the basic 10 fire safety equipment one needs to look for before taking admission in the fire safety college. With the practical training in these systems and equipment maintenance and installation techniques, the candidate will be able to perform his duties to the satisfaction of his employer. 

  • The fixed systems comprises of the fire hydrant system including fire pumps, hoses, nozzles, couplings,
  • The Fixed Foam Fire System, used for liquid fuel fire, including low and high expansion foam generator and foam gun.
  • The Fixed Dry Chemical Fire Fighting System, used for Gaseous fire.
  • The Water Sprinkler System, with jockey and Main pump.
  • Fire Alarm and fire detection system with a control panel.
  • Preferably a smoke chamber in which the search and rescue drills can be conducted in live fire conditions.
  • Fire Fighter PP Equipment – Breathing Apparatus, Fire Suits, Fire Axe, Fire Torch, chain Cutter, fire hood.
  • Facility for maintenance and refilling of fire extinguishers and cartridge.
  • Appropriate spare hoses, branch pipes, stand post,
  • A workshop comprising of workbench with all necessary hand, pneumatic or electric tools. like grinder, drill machine, vice, air compressor, welding machines, both electric and TIG.
  • Above all a strong team of instructors and teachers with rich skills and experience in imparting knowledge in this field.

It is you, who have to ensure, that in return of the academic fees you pay to the college, you get the appropriate value in terms of knowledge and competence. my advice to you, go to as many college as you can, scan them, grill them, ensure that they are capable of delivering knowledge and skills by talking to the teachers,

The most appropriate fire safety college shall located on the out skirts of the city or town, with all statutory permissions and licences to ignite a fire or create smoke for training purposes. No govt authority shall allow an institute or academy located within city limits to light an open fire or create smoke which leads to pollution and risk of the neighbour.

One more advice, don’t fall into the hands of institutes who ensure you of a job after the completion of your course. No one can get you a job. Job depends only on your knowledge and skills which you exhibit in the interview. basis of which your pay scale is decided. If someone from an institute  says, he will get you a job after the course is over, just get up and run out. you will be better off without doing the course in such a college.

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