Installation & Maintenance of fixed & Portable Fire Fighting System

ICFS India also has the expertise in installing, assembling, commissioning and getting approval by IRS (Indian Register of Shipping) for different Fixed Fire Suppression and fire fighting Installations like the Fixed foam system, Fixed DCP System, Water Hydrant System, Fire Pumps, Water Mist Fire Suppression System.

The fixed DCP system is pretty simple and we make it from high quality material. Tank is made of SS 316L, the best steel grade, all the piping, monitors and valves including the pneumatic actuators are made of SS, gauges,  reducers and CO2 pipelines are made of brass / copper only to ensure the durability, buy it, forget it, it will still work as there are no components with risk of corrosion.

The foam system components are also similar to dcp system, major parts including the foam tank, pipings and foam mixing nozzle are made of steel to ensure durability and long life. The foam pump is double stage piston pump capable of delivering twice the pressure of the fire pump.