Proposal for Franchise.

ICFS India, a brief Introduction, is a thane based organisation primarily targeting the fire and safety course education at a national and international level. The company is headed by Col. Jai Singh, A retired Indian Army Officer and has a team of experienced staff in this field for the last 20 years.

Fire and Safety Education is picking up pace in the country as the awareness is increasing and the safety laws are becoming more stringent. Today it is difficult for an organisation to operate without complying the safety terms. There are not much standard training institutions in the country who are capable of imparting this education and produce the asset which the industry need. Due to the lack of capable teachers and trainers, hence in-adept man force, the industry is still not fully secured, inspite of the fire and industrial safety staff employed.

Second most important fact, quality education has to be made affordable and spread to all corners of the country, not to be limited to the Metro cities. To address this issue, ICFS has come up with the new training concept of online lectures, so that the standard of education in any of the centers does not fall. This means that the lecture delivered in Mumbai is been seen and heard all across the ICFS chain, hence maintaining the quality and quantity of the subject.

The parent body in Mumbai has 20 years of experience in this field and under the Govt of India authority, has trained seafarers and employees of offshore installations internationally to handle fire and safety emergencies. Our trainers and Instructors are all Ex Armed forces, Marine, Police, Indian Fire Service retired officers and Engineers.

ICFS India makes it very affordable for an Existing Coaching center to add the Fire and Safety Courses Franchise. Further more, they only have to pay a nominal amount for fees and procure certain communication equipment to run the center effectively.

The time of lectures is 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM. Especially when the tuition centers are not working as students are attending schools / colleges lectures at that time. Hence the space and time loss of existing centers is avoided.

Our Fire and safety Institute Franchise requires no staff for training as the lectures are going to be conducted by online using audio visual aids, They would require only one counselor and an attendant who can prepare the communication equipment before the lecture begins at the Main center.

The main center of Fire safety Institute Franchise can see all the students of the other centers through the online camera in real time and their doubts and questions are also addressed during or after the lecture. The audio control of the branches is directly under the control of main center.

A bio-metric attendance system shall be installed on all centers so that the record of each student attending lectures is maintained.

Basic equipment requirement at Fire and Safety Institute Franchise centers is :
1.    Over Head Projector with full HD resolution.
2.    High Speed internet connection, minimum 10 Mpbs
3.    One laptop.
4.    One HD Speaker 800 PMPO.
5.    One HD web Camera.
6.    Inverter for power backup.

Space and staff requirement : 1.    One class room to accommodate 40 students
2.    Reception / counselling area.
3.    One person can handle as receptionist / councilor / Accountable Manager.
4.    One Security guard.
5.    Toilets facility.

For More information please contact Capt. Ajay Shivran (Ex. Marine Officer & Pilot)