Career Opportunities in Fire and Safety field.

In this article, we will try to explain the scope of employment in fire safety industry.

Comparing all other fields of education, Fire and Safety is one of the most preferred field as of today, owing to the recent Govt of India’s, Change in Fire Safety Regulations, which requires every Industry, factory, Mall, Commercial Establishment or any other asset endangered by the fire threat, needs to be secured by employing fully trained fire safety staff.

As per the market analysis, not even 10 % companies are operating as per the prescribed standards. This concludes thousands of new jobs availability in India as well as abroad. Non compliance of the above regulation by companies or Individuals or Accountable persons, calls for a criminal case to be registered against them with severe penalties and punishments as per IPC Code.

But all this matters only if you have a Diploma in Industrial Safety or a BSc. in Fire and Safety from ICFS, one of the most prominent Fire and Safety Training College in India.

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3 thoughts on “Career Opportunities in Fire and Safety field.

  1. Harish Sonar

    The course is really having a best scope to make career in the field of fire and safety.i would suggest that this is a best platform to gain a real practical knowledge which will help you in your professional development as well as to protect life.

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